DIY Crafting That's IRL

The tween scene is all about “in real life” crafting that’s cool, collectible and ready to share.

Pamela Brill, October 27, 2017

No matter whether your store carries toys or gifts, you know the challenges of catering to the tween demographic. Sometimes, it can feel like trying to sell a toy to any kid older than 8 is like trying to sell ice to an Eskimo.

Blame it on any number of factors: age compression (kids appearing to get older, younger), their constant desire to be digitally connected, fickle buying habits…did we mention too much screen time? It’s enough to make toy buyers and sellers throw their hands up in the air and cry mercy!

“ And just as important as who is buying the craft kit is who is receiving it; toy designers must tailor their tween selection to a more mature audience. “A tween girl doesn’t want her little sister’s crafts; she wants a much more sophisticated look, something that her little sister would not be interested in,” say Delanie West, vice president of product development, and Heather Lambert-Shemo, director of marketing for children’s brands at Faber-Castell USA. “The experience is o en ‘graduated’ to more challenging techniques, more steps in the creative process and more of an open-ended feel in the projects to let their creative decisions flourish.”

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