Play at Work: ASTRA’s First Company-Wide Certified Play Expert® Workshop

I just stumbled on this today. While I am no longer with Faber-Castell it was fantastic to be quoted by ASTRA on their Play at Work certification. I signed on for my departments to have ASTRA experts deliver a two-day program to certify our Product Development, the Graphics team. We extended the experience to include the compliance and sales departments. There was a clear advantage for our whole organization to practice these principles - for a total of 22 participants in the program and all certified Play Experts!

We were the first company wide certified participants in the program! 🏆 <----That was something I didn't know until today!

Delanie West, VP Faber-Castell Creativity Center, shares: “We always look for opportunities for product teams to sharpen skills and improve on current processes. The workshop delivered specialized content which we could immediately implement into our work. It’s been exciting to see that team members have already begun to practice what was learned at the workshop.