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Be Super Creative has 9 New SKUs currently in Target AND the Planogram Signage Feature!

I have 9 New SKUs currently in Target!

Target’s newly reset craft planogram features nine projects which I developed and designed or art directed in the last 2 years for brands Faber-Castell, Creativity for Kids, Sequin Pets and Diamond Art.

The Craft Planogram Signage

What’s the best part? One of the projects is prominently featured as the Planogram’s signage.

During my time at FC, I introduced new product formats which would invite new consumers to engage in FC products, stencils, introductory how-to experiences, new packaging formats.

These projects were challenging because the required the development of new items at smaller landed costs to get lower price points. This watercolor art set was especially unique as we developed a customer mini watercolor palette - which offered a really great range of color and expanded the product experience for a novice user.

This kit introduces the use of watercolor pencils, watercolor pod palette, pen and ink use with stencils. The concept introduces success with watercolor for novice artists in a 20-minute time frame. The projects in the design guide were written for customer success. Everyone can do it if you follow the instructions.

I spent a great amount of time researching how consumers engage with watercolor, which makes for the best pigment composition for watercolor pods. I worked with a renowned watercolor artist and instructor during the development. These projects were also consumer tested.


Target Planogram Feature Project Image - Yay!

Be Super Creative @ Target
Be Super Creative - Sequin Pets Creatvity for Kids

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Be Super Creative for Diamond Art

Sometimes Designers have to Wear their Sales Hat!

Sometimes as a Designer you have to wear your Sales hat! When I moved to Cleveland 5 years ago to lead Faber-Castell Creativity for Kids Product Development and Creativity Center, one of the first memberships I signed up for was Cleveland Museum of Art. 


Upon visiting the gift shop, I discovered there was NOT ONE PRODUCT in the store from the Faber/Creativity house of brands. How could that be? I had a conversation with the manager and took her card, let her know that she was missing out on featuring some amazing products from brands in the museum’s back yard. I passed the sales manager’s business card along to the sales department at the company and asked why in the heck didn’t we have a relationship with the museum? 

Craftivity AromaJewels at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Craftivity AromaJewels at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Last week I visited the museum store for the first time in a while during my visit to see the Georgia Okeefe exhibition to find several products from the company FINALLY! It’s about time! Glad to know that I helped to increase the visibility for the brand at this phenomenal Cleveland arts institution. #Craftivity #CreativityForKids #FaberCastell  #Smithsonian #SparkLab #sales

China Counterfeits & Knock-Offs

During my last visit to China to tour factories for a client, I stumbled upon this disembowled Sequin Pet in their showroom.

Clear that this vendor purchased a sample, and dissected it to understand the design. I’m more than certain this vendor also prepared a “copy”.  They were slightly mortified when I shared with them that I was the original creator.  

Not only did this vendor copy this particular design, but they had copied a wide assortment of products developed by my former PD team at Faber-Castell Creativity for Kids. Disheartening but a fact of PD and Design. Unless a brand is actively defending IP, expect to see brilliant design copied, and copied fast.