Developing a Consumer Product Brand that was inspired by a Vintage Shoppe

As creatives we have to tell our stories, because frequently they are erased and forgotten.

I went to high school in Montclair New Jersey, and would often frequent the shops that lined Bloomfield Avenue after school. During my leadership at @eksuccessbrands a huge part of my responsibilities were to identify new concepts as a part of the new product development process. I would often visit Manhattan to find new things in the shops on Madison avenue and #Soho, but I’d often frequent a small curious vintage shop named @parcel_vintage. It was a mix of items you’d find in a vintage antique shop and a curious assortment of newly acquired stationery bits and pieces.

I would often spend a good amount of my development budget on samples purchased from Parcel (who often re-sold curious vintage paper goods found in basements and estate sales) to inspire the creative process for development projects at EKSuccessBrands. Eventually I made a proposal to the shops owner #about a licensing partnership.

I developed a brand and concept inspired by the @PArcel experience which has taken its twists and turns, the shop has since moved to the other side of Bloomfield avenue and has launched their own brand separate from the initial EK Success Brands licensed project.

Typesetting Decisions!

Typesetting Decisions!

The shop’s logo has evolved but I remember the initial debate on type setting and settling on the current font. . When your inspiration and trend seeking inspires a partnership and launches a consumer product brand. #trendhunting #trendshopping #licensing #antiques #stationery #stationary #vintage #montclairnj #montclair #NJ #EKSuccess #CreativeDirector #Parcel