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Throwback Thursday - When Product Development starts at a Manhattan Flower Market

Photo “real” sticker embellishments for Stickopotamus (Sticko) EK Success

Before photo stock companies relaxed the rules in the fine print, and before digital photography, because so widely available, when you needed an original rights-free image, you had to create it yourself. In this case, the project brief (which I had written) called for original photos of popular flowers (an ever-popular theme for art and craft projects).

At the time the photo studio of choice was GF Studio in Wyckoff, New Jersey, who at the time was also the primary photo studio for Toys’ R Us. It was always fun to work off-site at GF Studio for the day because you’d never know what fun toy product Gary Franco and the gang were shooting that week! ( and Gary was so fun to work with!)

To find the variety and quality (and budget price point) of flowers needed for the project, I beat it to the Manhattan flower district ( early morning from NJ ), to select the best buds for the photo shoot. After which I made my way back to NJ to the studio to get on with the photo shoot. GF Studio was really great with food photography and styling as well and captured the flowers in perfect form.

Below: some of the images from the shoot and the end product designs.

The end result after painful bleeds and die line creation. Eeek

The end result after painful bleeds and die line creation. Eeek