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I’m scary passionate when I talk about creative process. It is my zone. The only thing that excites me more than taking about the “how” or the “why” is the actual process of doing or #making.

And I love to hear the paths to a solution. There’s never only one route. 💛💛💛 #art #design #creativity #ux #creativedirection #consumerproducts #consumerproductdesign #blackdesigners #womenindesign

Delanie West - answering a question about product design. 

Delanie West - answering a question about product design. 

Does your creative department REALLY have the tools that they need?

Does your creative department REALLY have the tools that they need?


When I accepted the position to lead a creative team for a 250-year-old brand, I was shocked to see that the company's designers were using a standard 11'/11'x17 printer for presentations and product mockups.

If you're in the consumer product development business, you'll know this means that to create a product packaging mockup, a designer has to print out a packaging or other layout on several 11'x17' sized tiled sheets, and painstakingly glue them together.

No creative department should have to do this. It presents your product presentations and sales materials in the most pedestrian manner.

One of the first improvements I made was to budget for a #Epson wide format printer, which was a time saver and allowed for the creation of excellent quality mockups, gloss and matte printing. Printing on adhesive paper (eliminating the need for dangerous spray mounting), and saving the business on the cost of super expensive large format printing at Kinkos and print houses. This group could finally present top quality comps.

Are you certain your creative team has the tools they need for your brand to be successful? Have you asked them what they need?

I’m giving you recommendations on the top 3 tools you MUST secure for your creative consumer product art team.

3 MUST haves for all creative consumer product art departments.

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