Hey Hey Hey! I was awarded a Patent this May! Yay! (Ok, Delanie...enough alliteration)

This may, I was named as the inventor, for the container & labeling process design. (I started this work in 2013, filed for patent in 2015 and the patent was granted this May.

Although I am no longer with Faber-Castell, I have contributed to the intellectual property history of the brand, being the first American and the first African American to be granted a patent for the brand (stadium cheer)

The design strategy was intentional in the protection of creative equity and building efficiencies into the manufacturing and production processes.

When you incorporate manufacturing and production understanding in your creative process you can impact operational process. Design is not only how something looks.

While not a utility patent, a design patent protects creative intellectual property efforts. The effort resulted in work which has protections for the next 15 years.

What did this new design accomplish? (It's all in how the creative brief was written ya'll)

• Eliminated costly manufacturing processes.
• Reduced inventory and waste at the factory level.
• Improved production time.
• Eliminated reliance on poor forecasting.
• Cost savings for compliant trilingual labeling. 
• Increased the overall life of the product with the new air-tight housing.
• Allowed the customer to actually see the pigment in the container. 
• Much cleaner, chic aesthetic.
• Allowed for formula coding on the housing.
• Pat Pending and Pat status protected(s) this product from knockoffs.