Your Creativity Influences Others - You Never Know Who Is Watching!

A few weeks ago, I shared a throw-back story about an a development project and cited my history at EK Success. That post would capture a few likes, but I actually forgot about it until a new comment was added:

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Small world... 😮 You’re from NJ and worked at EK Success! My dad was a warehouse manager there for my entire childhood and would bring me the best markers and stickers. I credit him for nurturing my creativity. 😊 I got to work there as a summer intern before starting college. Good times!
— Daveia Odoi

This, my friends, might be the BEST comment I’ve ever received. This young lady ( who coincidentally I was already following on Insta) posted this message on my @besupercreative page.

She was influenced by the products I and many other talented people created at @eksuccessbrands well over a decade ago (back at the Carlsdadt NJ location).

She credits her Dad (who worked at EKS and would bring her creative materials) for her inspiration to pursue art and design. She would later reveal to me me who her Dad was and I totally remembered him for his kindness and his wonderful spirit. I remembered him instantly.

There were so many good people who I met during my time there, by FAR one of the best creative cultures and the best experience in my career. To have his daughter share this on my page floored me. She went on to pursue a career in the arts as an illustrator/designer.

We have no idea who’s watching, or who’s being inspired. Her post absolutely made my day!
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Viola Davis illustrated by Daveia Odoi daveiaodoi

Viola Davis illustrated by Daveia Odoi daveiaodoi