How to train your brain to be more creative?

A few ways to train your brain to make new connections (creative thinking).

  1. Disrupt Your Schedule Disrupt your normal routine. Pick a week and discover a new route to the office each day, you'll open up your creative capacity.

  2. Do Nothing Make a point to schedule free time to relax and do nothing, under-scheduled minds have time to dream.

  3. Don’t be Afraid to Screw Up Don't be afraid to make mistakes, it activates a most engaging form of learning (creative problem solving) you'll find ways to make other choices that perhaps are more efficient than the tries that were "errors".

  4. Search for New Things Creative people love to forage for new things. They don't like perfect experiences that are curated. Engage in the work of making new connections and discoveries on your own.

Train Your Brain to Be More Creative