Creativity Defined

 #Creativity “Starting with nothing and ending up with something. Interpreting something you saw or experienced and processing it so it comes out different than how it went in.” – Henry Rollins


China Counterfeits & Knock-Offs

During my last visit to China to tour factories for a client, I stumbled upon this disembowled Sequin Pet in their showroom.

Clear that this vendor purchased a sample, and dissected it to understand the design. I’m more than certain this vendor also prepared a “copy”.  They were slightly mortified when I shared with them that I was the original creator.  

Not only did this vendor copy this particular design, but they had copied a wide assortment of products developed by my former PD team at Faber-Castell Creativity for Kids. Disheartening but a fact of PD and Design. Unless a brand is actively defending IP, expect to see brilliant design copied, and copied fast.


4 Steps to Identifying the White Space in Your Market

  1. What do you sell, or what service do you offer? Make this clear to your teams, your customers and to your consumers. 

  2. Who's your target consumer - focus on the niche, you can't be all things to all markets and consumers. Apply a laser focus.

  3. Leverage your core competencies - do what you do best.

  4. Leg up - what's your competitive advantage? Identify it.

Delanie West on identifying White Space