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Africa: Women : Global Watch

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Tradition meets a modern, creative sensibility where women borrow from the past to create renewed definitions of identity, using beauty to champion heritage and values.

The multiple ethnicities and diverse cultures of Africa offer plenty of opportunities for the beauty industry.

Africa's rapidly growing middle class is driving the demand for beauty products, with 821 million consumers buying into the cosmetics industry. While multinationals are racing to claim their market share, natural hair and skincare entrepreneurs are taking advantage of an increasing demand for natural, organic and locally produced premium products rooted in traditional beauty rituals.

Natural hair and skincare inspired by ancient African beauty rituals and heirloom ingredients is gaining popularity

Creative looks are inspiring a new era of hair styling for younger generations, as a way of expressing their African identity

'Masstige' products are key in Africa's markets, providing aspirational beauty items at affordable prices

African beauty brands are establishing themselves across the continent, with natural and organic products leading the way.